Visit a Dentist In Kennett Square If You Develop These Symptoms

Dentist In Kennett SquareYou can develop oral health problems that go far beyond cavities and gum disease. As a dentist in Kennett Square, our goal is to ensure that you do not and that you remain as healthy as possible. To do so, we would like to see you twice a year for a thorough examination and teeth cleaning. This will allow us to remove plaque and tartar that has built up on your teeth and gums, treat signs of decay and let you know if we see signs of other oral health problems.

In the meantime, we encourage you to call our office if you are concerned that you may have a health condition.  Some common ones to watch for are –

Red Sores or Lesions

There are several reasons that you could develop red sores in your mouth or around your mouth. The most common are probably going to be canker sores and cold sores. These terms are used interchangeably but they are not the same thing. A canker sore is not contagious and typically caused by what you eat, a compromised immune system, or stress. A canker sore is going to be a red bump or lesion inside of your mouth and while irritating, it can go away on its own with time. A cold sore is most likely going to create red bumps around the outside of your mouth or lips. This is contagious so you need to make sure not to spread the condition by sharing cups or utensils or not washing your hands after touching the source. The most alarming cause of red bumps in your mouth is oral cancer. If red and white bumps are developing along the inside of your cheeks, gums or tongue, you could have undiagnosed oral cancer and should schedule an examination right away. If you are concerned that you had bumps that have not gone away after a few days, the best way to be safe is to simply schedule a dentist exam so that we can tell you what is going on and determine the best course of treatment.

White Film on the Tongue

Candidiasis is also known as thrush and it is caused by having too much of the candida fungus in the body.  Your body is supposed to have this fungus so is perfectly natural. However, if you have too much of the candida fungus, you can develop a condition known as thrush. Very often, this condition will develop in babies and it is essentially a yeast infection in the mouth. One of the common risk factors is taking antibiotics so if you take a probiotic at the same time you can reduce your risk. However, if you're constantly brushing your teeth and tongue and this film is not going away, you can call our office for an examination.  As a dentist in Kennett Square, we can properly diagnose you and recommend the best course of treatment.

Hard Lumps or Bumps

If you notice a hard lump in your mouth, it could be due to a dental abscess which is a treatable condition that needs to be addressed right away. When you visit our dentist office we can examine you and let you know whether you have a dental abscess or if this lump could be a sign of oral cancer.

Visit Our Dentist Office

If you are concerned about your oral health, call our office and schedule an examination with a dentist in Kennett Square. We will let you know what conditions you are facing and the best way to treat them so that you can return to the best possible health.

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