What to Ask a Kid Friendly Dentist About Your Child’s Oral Hygiene

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A kid-friendly dentist treats oral health concerns in children. However, an equally important part of their job is to work with parents to improve their child’s oral hygiene at home. This is because the majority of oral care takes place away from the office, so parents knowing how to help their child maintain a beautiful and healthy smile is important.

Questions to ask a kid-friendly dentist about oral hygiene

Parents are strongly encouraged to ask questions about oral hygiene for their child during each dental visit. It is helpful for parents to prepare questions ahead of time so they do not forget to ask them during the visit with the kid-friendly dentist. The following are five good questions to ask a kid-friendly dentist about oral hygiene. 

What should my child’s oral hygiene regimen be?

The key to good oral hygiene is a consistent oral care routine. This should include brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash consistently. Parents should discuss with the kid-friendly dentist how to help their child stay consistent with their oral hygiene regimen. A kid-friendly dentist can also offer insights to help the child brush properly and protect all areas of their mouth. 

How often are check-up and dental cleaning visits recommended?

Check-up visits are encouraged once every four to six months. More frequent visits may be necessary for additional treatment if the child has oral health concerns that need to be addressed. Be sure to discuss with a kid-friendly dentist when the next check-up and cleaning should be scheduled and do everything possible to make it in for all scheduled visits.

What can I do to protect my child’s teeth from cavities?

Children are often vulnerable to dental cavities. Discuss ways to reduce the risk of cavities with the kid-friendly dentist. This, of course, involves a consistent oral care routine. The dentist may also recommend additional treatments such as dental sealants to protect areas of teeth that are more vulnerable to cavities. 

What should I look for when checking my child’s oral health?

Being able to identify oral health concerns in the early stages can help children with the dental care they need before the issue worsens. It is beneficial to ask about how to examine a child’s oral health at home and what signs indicate a need for a prompt visit to the kid-friendly dentist. 

How can I help my child prevent dental trauma?

Children are often vulnerable to dental trauma, particularly children that are physically active. Parents can reduce the risk of dental trauma that results in the need for emergency dental care by taking recommended precautions, such as wearing a mouthguard while playing sports or teaching kids how to play carefully. 

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