Preparing for a Tooth Extraction: Tips From Our Dental Office

Tooth Extraction

If you need a tooth extraction, you may be nervous about what to expect. A tooth extraction seems scary to some patients, but it is actually a very simple and quick process in most cases. We can help you properly prepare for your tooth extraction no matter what kind it is.

There are a few different reasons for tooth extractions. Some teeth need to be extracted because they are diseased and are posing such a risk to your dental health that a filling or crown cannot fix them. Some teeth need to be extracted because they have been damaged in an accident and cannot be saved, and some teeth need to be removed because they are putting your dental structure in dangerlike wisdom teeth often do.

A tooth extraction is a simple procedure that is performed on a daily basis by most dentists or oral surgeons. Before you undergo a tooth extraction, we will cover the procedure steps with you so that you will be informed about what to expect. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you have about the extraction during this time.   

If the tooth being extracted is just a normal tooth, there is not much preparing you will need to do. The procedure will be done with a local anesthetic, so you may inquire whether or not you should eat much beforehand if you are not already notified. Most single tooth extractions are done with local anesthetics since they are not very invasive. The anesthetics will ensure you don't experience any discomfort during the extraction process. If you have developed any new infections or have any mouth sores, notify someone tending to you at the office so we can make sure the extraction doesn't put you more in danger of having a bigger infection.

If you are having your wisdom teeth removed, the procedure will be more complex. You will need a stronger form of medication in most cases. Before the day of your surgery, we will fully prepare you for what to expect when you arrive. You may not be able to eat anything for 12 hours before the procedure so that food does not interfere with the anesthesia or make you nauseous. You may also want to take steps to relax before it starts. Wisdom teeth extractions take a little longer too since there is normally more than one tooth to remove and the teeth usually haven't erupted through the gumline yet.  

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