A General Dentist Can Become Your Family Tooth Fairy

General DentistHave any child ask a general dentist if the Tooth Fairy is real, and we are likely to say yes. After all, sometimes a little bit of myth and magic can go a long way in helping children become excited about their oral health. If your child believes that a magical creature will come and collect their fallen out teeth, they may be that much more likely to want to brush and floss them on a daily basis.

As a parent, you can create your own magic at home by incorporating some of these ideas:

#1 - Make losing a tooth special.

Most children get the general idea that if they lose a tooth and put it under the pillow, they will receive a dollar or two. We suggest that you make it an, even more, fun event. If your child knows that when they lose a tooth you will read them a special story, watch a tooth fairy movie like "Rise of the Guardians," give them a new toothbrush, etc., they will begin to look forward to this special day. Teeth become something that benefits them rather than a burden they have to constantly care for. While simple, doing things like taking pictures on the day they lose their teeth can make these normal life events more special.

#2 - Make caring for teeth an adventure.

Use your imagination to make up a story that revolves around taking care of their teeth. This can be as simple as making your children the Tooth Fairy helper and showing how brushing and flossing is critical so the Tooth Fairy can get the most spectacular and clean teeth possible to build her special castle. If you have a child inclined toward adventures, make them save their teeth from a deadly and dangerous villain by brushing and flossing every day. You know your child best, so use the things they enjoy to build a story they will want to participate in.

#3 - Celebrate good behavior and positive habits.

When you bring our children to our general dentist office, we will take the time to acknowledge the good things they are doing. Too often, this is overlooked, and the constant advice can become overwhelming when children are not receiving positive affirmation as well. Celebrate the good choices they make, like choosing to eat carrots instead of a piece of cake or brushing a full two minutes instead of quitting after one. Make them feel good about the things they're doing, and they will want to do them more often.

You Are Not Alone in Caring for Your Child's Teeth

You should bring your child to our general dentist office at least twice a year so we can help them maintain healthy teeth and gums. We can clean your family's teeth to prevent things like tooth decay and gum disease, which will ensure that no one in your family has to suffer from an unnecessary toothache. In addition, we are here to assist you for support. If your child is unwilling to brush and floss or you have some oral health concerns you want us to examine and address, bring them to our office for another visit so we can answer your questions and provide you with the tools and information you need to encourage healthy habits at home.

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