Every Patient is Different, Every Mouth is Different


Every Patient is Different, Every Mouth is Different

I graduated from Cardinal O’Hara High School in Springfield, PA, in 1985. I attended Villanova University, graduating in 1989 with a BS in Biology. Following graduation I went on to work for a year at Smith Kline Beecham Clinical Labs in the Virology Department. Although Smith Kline Beecham is a great company, being a medical technician was not for me.  I then volunteered at a dental office. It seemed the dental field had it all, direct patient care, and the opportunity to diagnose different oral diseases with each and every patient. Every patient is different and every mouth is different. I could treat these diseases and get people out of pain. My admission to Temple University Dental School in Philadelphia enabled me to receive my Doctorate in Dental Medicine (DMD) degree in 1994. I started my current practice on December 1, 1998.I am a member of the Academy of General Dentistry as well as the dentist for Avon Grove School District. Being active in the local community is important to me. To know that I can help others accomplish their community goals is a source of great satisfaction. I have sponsored an office team for “Making Strides for a Cure” in Wilmington, DE, which is a fundraiser for breast cancer research. My office is proud to support various local school activities and sport programs.My devoted wife Sue and I have been married since October 23, 1993….the day the Phillies lost the World Series. We live in Lincoln University with our five active children and 2 dogs. My oldest daughter Eileen was born in 2000. We then had quadruplets born three years later. Sue and I were blessed with three more daughters, Patty, Allie and Maura, and a son, Bill. This means our weekends are filled with family-focused activities such as cycling, sporting events and hiking just to mention a few.My favorite motto is “You can’t go wrong by doing right.”  I just try to do the right thing and treat every patient the same way I would treat a family member. I am very conservative in my treatment plans for my patients.I have a wonderful family, a terrific staff, a pleasant and professional office environment. What a pleasure to come to work!

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