Visit Us for a Root Canal Treatment and Save Your Tooth

Root Canal TreatmentMany people think of a root canal treatment and immediately start to worry. This is because root canals have a bad reputation of being painful, but the reality is very different. A root canal takes only slightly more time to complete than it would to treat a standard cavity. We use local anesthesia to ensure you do not feel any pain during the process, so while you may feel some pressure, you will remain fairly comfortable during the treatment. Part of the reason they have a bad reputation is actually due to the infection that creates a need for a root canal. When the center of your tooth (dental pulp) becomes infected, it can be very uncomfortable. When you consider the fact that the nerves responsible for sensations like hot, cold, or pain run through your dental pulp, it makes sense how this type of infection could be very difficult to live with. The toothaches caused by an infection can be unbearable and create the need for an emergency dentist appointment. However, it is the infection that causes the issue, not the treatment we use to correct it. In fact, you will feel far more discomfort prior to visiting our office than you will feel from the treatments we use to correct the problem.

A root canal treatment can be completed right away so the infection can be removed and you can get back to normal. After numbing and cleaning the area, we will create a small hole that will be used to remove the infected area. We will then clean the inside of your tooth to remove any remaining infection. It will then be sealed up with a rubber-like substance. Depending on the size of the infection and hole, we may need to further restore and protect the tooth using a dental filling or a dental crown. These may be placed in the same appointment or at a later date.

After a root canal treatment, you will feel some sensitivity, but that can be controlled by taking ibuprofen and applying an ice pack to your face for 15 minutes at a time. Remember that much of the discomfort is caused by swelling, so you want to minimize this as possible. You will also want to be careful with what you eat for a day or two and take steps to keep the area clean. We may also prescribe you antibiotics to ensure the entire infection is eliminated.

Once your root canal treatment has been completed, you should begin to feel better right away because the infection that caused your discomfort will also be gone. This important step is necessary to save your tooth. If you leave an infection in place, you are putting your infected tooth and other teeth in jeopardy of additional problems like a dental abscess. This level of infection can be severe and cause you to have swelling, puss, and even a fever. Eventually, an infected tooth either needs to be treated or removed, so visiting us early on will prevent you from experiencing unnecessary discomfort.

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